NUSKAA Organics Under Eye Cream Dark Circles and Wrinkles Removal Night Applicator Oil for Women, 10 ml

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  • REDUCE DARK CIRCLES, PUFFINESS & FINE LINES : Our Under Eye Cream Dark Circles and Wrinkles Removal Oil made by Kashmiri Saffron, Mysore Red Sandalwood, Sesame help reduce fine lines, dark circles, and puffiness.
  • NOURISHES UNDER EYE SKIN The soothing and nourishing effects of Hawkweed and Daisy extracts help target the appearance of dark shadows, for brighter eyes that look well-rested.
  • Benefits: By this you can Removes Genetic/Non-Genetic Dark Circles, Reduces Eye Puffiness, Helps Reducing Fine Lines/First Sign Of Ageing, Helps Giving Deep Sleep, Relaxes Eye Muscles Hence Cures Insomnia.
  • Relaxes Eye Muscles Hence Cures Insomnia


Product attribute 1Wrinkles Removal
Product attribute 2Dark Circles Removal

FOR BEST RESULTS : Pump once to remove oil and massage the under eye area with the cooling roller. Use fingertips to smooth in excess oil. Apply Just Before Sleeping - Wash Off Your Face With Face Wash, Take A Drop On Finger Tip, Divide In 2 Fingers, Massage 1 Finger On 1 Eye, Another On Another Eye & Sleep With It. Wash Off Next Day Just After Waking Up, With Face Wash